We Finally Meet

On June 26, 2012, I ventured down to the Sandy Point Lighthouse to capture some shots after a brief thunderstorm. The clouds were beginning to break apart by a few rays of warm light from the setting sun but the clouds along the horizon were still dark as they retreated along the coast. The tide was fairly low, the wind had calmed and the view of the dramatic sky and lighthouse reflecting on the wet sand was just too beautiful an opportunity to resist.

While I was at the lighthouse a grandmother and her grandchildren were there so I snapped a few photos of them, including the one below, and posted them on my website.I didn’t think much about the photos after that until a year later when I received an email from a woman named Donna McGrath who was a rug hooker. She wanted to hook a rug of my photo. Flattered, I obliged her, and you can read the post about it by clicking here.

But that’s not where the story ends.

This week, 5 years later, I got to meet Donna in person for the first time. And I also got to see her beautiful hooked rug in person too. It is stunning! She did such a beautiful job.

Me & Donna McGrath meet for the first time since she contacted me back in June 2013.

I’m so glad I got to meet this beautiful lady. We are two artists, forever connected in a unique and special way.

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6 Responses to We Finally Meet

  1. Rita says:

    that’s just beautiful and what a precious memory of those children captured forever in 2 unique ways xx

  2. Lana Shupe says:

    I love stories like this! I love how art in all it’s many forms connects people and places. Such a wonderful meeting for you Lisa. Thank you for sharing the story.

  3. Linda Ferretti says:

    Beautiful story Lisa “When 2 Artists Meet”. Thanks.

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