The Magic Flute

What a wonderful evening at the Osprey Arts Centre last night!

Many people may get that glazed look in their eye when you speak the word “opera”. However, I wonder how many of those people have ever actually experienced such a performance as Maritime Concert Opera‘s The Magic Flute. Now, I’ll admit that my opera experience is little. However, with the Osprey Arts Centre in our little town, there is no reason not to take the opportunity to enjoy one. I am a singer, and not a bad one at that, but I have always admired the power and the magic of a voice that soars through a number of octaves, above a background choir or orchestra and without a microphone. I need the microphone, folks, or my voice is shot after the first verse. But, I’m not a trained singer either, and singing the blues does not compare to opera. But, to really appreciate the ability of the human voice, an opera is an event to experience.

Now, that was just talking about the voices. Then there is the fun of seeing their animations acting out the story. The Magic Flute was composed by Mozart in 1791. Yes, there’s love, deception, a Queen of the Night, three spirits, and a magic flute. The opera was sung in German with narration in English, and there was a screen for translation of the opera itself. The performers were in beautiful period costumes, and their actions were fun and endearing with a little audience participation as well. There was a lovely choir and a very hardworking pianist who played the entire show.

I hope you enjoy these few photos of last evening’s performance. And the next time an opera is at the Osprey, take a chance, buy a ticket and enjoy something new.










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