Remembering “The Affections of May”

Were you fortunate enough to see “The Affections of May”?

Five years ago (May 24th, 2012) would have been the dress rehearsal for Norm Foster’s play “The Affections of May” performed by Shelburne’s much loved Basement Theatre group at the Osprey Arts Centre.

I absolutely adored this play. I got to help out a bit with script prompts and picking out music. Not only did I get to watch my husband’s sideburns grow into mutton chops, but the most fun was watching this play develop. It was an ambitious production, especially with the set. It was one of the best and most detailed sets I’ve seen at the Osprey Arts Centre by Basement Theatre.

I wanted to share the photos again, to give you an idea of how wonderful it was, how brilliant the actors were and to bring memories back to those who were involved. Enjoy!

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