Happy New Year 2015!

20141227_0085_edited_smLife has been pretty sweet since I moved to my new “furever” home. My new humans love me to bits and I’ve had some new experiences since I’ve been here. So, let me get started and share them with you.

Things were a bit tense at the beginning. My new owners had a cat! They called him KC, and he wasn’t very friendly. He just wanted to run away from me. I barked (which is really just more like a raspy whisper) at him to try and tell him how excited I was to meet him, but I guess he didn’t like that. He has a new owner now. I saw KC for a bit over Christmas, but more about that later.

20141227_0073_edited_smAs I mentioned before, life here is pretty sweet. I spend the days with my new human mom at her art gallery, lounging or greeting visitors. She takes me for a walk before she goes to work. We usually go to the park so I can go exploring off-leash. I do my best to catch one of the many squirrels there. They taunt me from the ground, then scurry up the trees before I can get to them. But I feel I’m getting closer all the time. They can’t fool me for forever.

If we don’t have time to go to the park, we walk the loop around the waterfront past my old home. Sometimes, I’d forget and try to pull my human mom down Charlotte Lane. But I don’t do it much anymore. I hope to see Hazel and Chevy (and my former human owner, Sandy) when they come back home in the spring. I’m looking forward to seeing Scupper and Woody too when their human owners come back to Shelburne for the summer. We’ll have to plan some serious get-togethers in the park.

There have been a few interesting and embarrassing situations since my move here. But lots of fun stuff too. I get to go EVERYWHERE with my new humans. So there are lots of rides in the van. I like to sit on a lap in the front seat, but sometimes my human mom sits in the back seat with me ’cause she says there’s more room for both of us back there. There’s also usually a walk or visit to a new place involved. One place I’ve been to is the new pet store in Yarmouth. There’s all kinds of neat things there like treats! And it’s where my human mom got my new pink coat with the fur collar to keep me warm this winter ’cause I’m used to warmer climates. I’m not really sure I like the coat ’cause sometimes when I run through the brush chasing those darn squirrels, my front paw gets stuck in the armhole and I end up limping around on three legs, the squirrels chattering at me as they look down from their perch in the trees. My human mom also bought a little rotary sander for my nails which she has been keeping nice and trim for me.

One evening we went to my human dad’s sister’s house. She has two smaller humans – Brianna and Bryan. They were very nice to me. I met two new dog friends too, Copper (male Golden Lab) and Hershey (female Chocolate Lab). Copper is huge and rambunctious, but Hershey is sweet and played with me a lot. I also made a discovery in Bryan’s room. And this was one of my embarrassing moments – well, more so for my human mom. I was drawn to something upstairs and kept going up there only to be brought back down. But I was on the hunt! Bryan followed me up there and let me in his room, and that’s where I found his 2-1/2 year old hamster! The success of my hunt was spoiled by the wire cage between the delectable rodent and my nose, and by the resulting flurry of activity that followed when my forage had been discovered by all the humans. My human mom promptly said “No!” very firmly, then picked me up and whisked me downstairs, closing the stairway door behind her, thus ending my fun for the rest of the evening. Bryan was giggling, but I heard my human mom tell him that I would have eaten ol’ whatever-his-name was if I only could have knocked over that darn cage! I think my human mom was relieved that I didn’t as she would not have been a very popular aunt.

Over the holidays, I got to go to the house of my human’s son, Alex. Much to my surprise, KC the cat was there ’cause Alex was sitting him over the holidays. I thought KC and I could give it another shot, but he got put outside while we were visiting. Now, when I think KC is outside, and I need to go…you know, I forget to do what I’m s’posed to do when I get out there. But when I get back inside, I suddenly remember. And I had to “go” bad…really bad. And here’s where the next embarrassing situation happened. See…the day before, my humans took me shopping with them in Barrington. While they were in the stores, I stayed in the van. During one of their stops, I smelled something wonderful in the back of the van in a bag my human dad had thrown on the floor. I rummaged around and discovered a 2-cup bag full of delectable dried liver treats. I couldn’t help myself and chewed the bottom of the bag open and gobbled them up! Yum! Then back to my perch on the front seat I went. The next day, when my human mom put me in the van to go home from work, I could still smell the residue and went back to see if I missed any of the delightful little treats. My human mom saw my pushing the bag along the van floor with my nose and picked up the bag only to discover what I had done the day before. She showed it to my human dad when we got home and mumbled something about being glad they hadn’t bought two bags. I think another bag would have been awesome! But this brings me to the embarrassing part. So, back at Alex’s with the darn cat outside and me needing to do #2, and forgetting until I came back inside…and my tummy must have been a bit upset ’cause I don’t remember relieving myself of such a mass of that particular size and consistency before. Luckily I did it on the human’s bathroom floor. Human mom didn’t seem too upset, and I think she seemed relieved that the liver treats had not created a worse situation. Oh, and there have been no more lucky finds in the van since. Darn!

20141227_0067_edited_smEverything was lovely over the holidays. Lots of visits and long walks in the park. It’s been warm for quite a few days, so didn’t need a coat. I got to run and play in the park…A LOT! Here are some photos:

Which is my best side? This one...

Which is my best side? This side…


...or this side?

…or this side?

Sometimes my hears just fly out for no reason.

Sometimes my hears just fly out for no reason.

But most of the time my ears just flap all over the place when I run.

But most of the time my ears just flap all over the place when I run.

Even though I’m not a showgirl anymore doesn’t mean I can’t still strike a pose.

Maybe this is my best side.

Maybe this is my best side.

I'm a lucky dog!

I’m a happy, lucky dog!

Then yesterday it snowed, and my human mom put my pretty pink coat on me and we went outside to play. I’m not sure I like snow. It kinda gets in my beard. My human mom kept throwing some of the snow up in the air to entice me to play, but I prefered to just forage around and see if I could find anything interesting in it. My human dad had a much better idea – he likes to throw treats to me so I can catch them in midair. It’s kinda our thing now. My human mom prefers to try and capture photos of me ’cause she says I’m the most beautiful girl in the world!

Cutest doggy bum ever!

Cutest doggy bum ever!

And my favourite part is at the end of the day when I get to cuddle in my human’s bed…between them and under the covers. Yeah, I snore a little, but they don’t seem to mind too much. My human mom just cuddles me closer and tells me I’m her beautiful girl. She gives me a kiss and I give her one back. Like I said, life is pretty sweet!


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  1. Sandi Waygood says:

    Oh how wonderful Pippa. Woody asks everyday when he will see you. I tell him soon. We’ll be back and the fun will start. Maybe a sleep over !!

  2. Jenny Heath says:

    Love this Lisa and look forward to much more! Happy New Year!

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