Founder’s Days Finale


Under a full moon and clear sky, judges sit at the front of the wharf waiting for the Parade of Lights to begin. Crowds, waiting in anticipation, line the shore behind them.

Many were disappointed when Saturday’s celebrations were shut down due to impending weather conditions. Saturday’s Parade of Lights was postponed ’til Sunday evening before the fireworks, but what a great event it was! The lights from the decorated boats and the fabulous fireworks show was a great end to the 30th Annual Founder’s Days celebration.

Congratulations are due to the organizers and volunteers, musicians, magicians, boat decorators, re-enactors, food vendors and everyone who helped make this Founder’s Days another excellent Shelburne celebration. Thank you!


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5 Responses to Founder’s Days Finale

  1. Ed Cayer says:

    You are right Lisa. The ability of the organizers and the community to respond to the weather challenges imposed on the weekend by re-scheduling events on the fly shows the kind of resilience and capacity for change that makes communities and events successful. And the best part is that you captured it so eloquently with your photography. Great shots! Thank you…

    • Admin says:

      Thanks, Ed. It was a great weekend and Sunday evening turned out to be a great weekend finale. Lots of positive comments about the work that went into the decorated boats and that the fireworks were the best ever.

  2. stillman smith says:

    fantistic photos Lisa

  3. Love the photos Lisa!! I wasn’t feeling so great and only managed to get to the end of my driveway to see some of the fire works…but none of the parade of lights…Your photos took me there…EXCELLANT!!
    May I share with Michael in Texas?

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