Feeling Inspired

20141106_0003_edited_smIt has been a long time since I have felt inspired. You know the feeling – it’s been raining for days on end; it’s cold when it should be warm and warm when it should be cold; you have to work when you want to play, and when you can play, the weather is uncooperative.


Notice the leaf imprint in the cement? I wish I could have put a whole collection of leaves on the curing cement, then painted each impression as a different coloured leaf to enjoy every day.

Driving to work this morning, I took notice of that tree again – the Kwanzan Cherry Tree on King St. Not only does it bring beautiful colour in the spring with it’s delicate pink blooms (click here), but it brightens up dark fall days like today with it’s vibrant orange-red leaves. How can one not be inspired by a life force that brings forth such magnificent colours?20141106_0007_edited_sm

So, I invite you to stop where you are and take notice of your surroundings. There is sure to be something of beauty that captures your attention. It could be a thing, a place, or even a person. There is beauty everywhere. And you don’t need a camera to enjoy it. In fact it’s better if you just take it in with your own eyes and appreciate whatever it is for what it is.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Marguerite HERFF says:

    So nice Lisa, I enjoyed it, true we are lucky to be among the beauty of nature, as I am aging my appreciation of my environment gets a larger part of my living. Thanks for sharing. Maggie.

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