Basement Theatre Success

There’s always a tinge of bitter-sweetness when a successful performance is over. For the cast and crew the last bow is taken, lights are turned up, costumes are removed, makeup (including sparkles) is washed off, the set is torn down and instruments are packed back in their cases. All that’s left is extreme exhaustion, a huge sense of accomplishment for a job very well done and the return to a regular life with no rehearsals and not seeing some of your fellow actors for months. For the audience, however, there is an after glow of mirth and a sense of pride that we live in a community with such amazing talent. All this because of a small energetic group of people that make up Basement Theatre and the Pit Band.

As a photographer, I find it hard to not take photos of these events with the transformation of our little Osprey Arts Centre by the sea into a world of make believe and, in this instance, magic and fairies. Here is a photographic tribute to the characters, costumes and all those involved in the execution of this fantastical production. If you saw the play, it is my hope to maybe help you to remember and re-experience some of the play’s special moments. To those of you who missed this fabulous production, I welcome you to enjoy the following photos of A Midsummer’s Night on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

The final bow and applause to everyone…

And then a group shot of the cast and their director, Alison Stanton.

20150524_0767_edited_sm_sgndCongratulations on a a great production!!

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13 Responses to Basement Theatre Success

  1. Amanda says:

    These photos are fantastic. Lighting and clarity are amazing. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lisa, these photographs are beautiful, you have captured the joy and mirth that was flowing out of these wonderful actors!

  3. Pat says:

    Loved these pics…wonderful to capture these moments

  4. Susan says:

    Awesome photos, Lisa. The costumes are beautiful. Wish I could have been there.

  5. Betty Camp says:

    Wonderful pictures Lisa! Such a great production, leaves me chuckling every time I think of the different scenes. Your pictures commit the play to my memory. Thank you for sharing your fine work.

  6. Darcy Rhyno says:

    Really terrific work, Lisa. Such an excellent and valuable record of this great production.

  7. Merrie Howe says:

    These pics give me the joy of experiencing the play again. Lisa, you have such a talent for capturing the essence of things!

  8. Karl says:

    Lisa, these are really great, thank you.

  9. Kathleen says:

    Oh my! What a fabulous way to end my day. The joy in seeing the expressions that you’ve captured was incredible. Great work Lisa!

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