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Sweet Memories of Dad

It seems like it was not all that long ago as I look at these pictures, but 1987 is a bit back there in the rear-view mirror. I was 21 years old (several years younger than my son is now), … Continue reading

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Northeast Harbour Church Memories

Have you ever stepped back into the past or experienced a moment from years ago? Back in November of last year I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the old Trinity United Church in Northeast Harbour, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, … Continue reading

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Basement Theatre Success

There’s always a tinge of bitter-sweetness when a successful performance is over. For the cast and crew the last bow is taken, lights are turned up, costumes are removed, makeup (including sparkles) is washed off, the set is torn down … Continue reading

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Feeling Inspired

It has been a long time since I have felt inspired. You know the feeling – it’s been raining for days on end; it’s cold when it should be warm and warm when it should be cold; you have to … Continue reading

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Hookers & Lighthouses

Just over a year ago in June 2013, I was contacted by a lovely lady named Donna McGrath who is an active member of the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia. Hello Lisa, I’m a resident of Kentville NS and … Continue reading

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Shelburne Pride

Last week, on Thursday, July 17, 2014, shortly after 12 noon, the little town of Shelburne proudly raised a pride flag and came into the 21st Century. A crowd of people along with Shelburne Town Council members gathered under a, … Continue reading

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Lovely Still

I’ve never been a fan of yellow – not yellow cars, yellow building blocks, not even yellow flowers; although a very smart friend once told me that it’s the yellow flowers that make the other flowers stand out. Okay. I’ll … Continue reading

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They Came From Away & The Mersey Swing Band

This past Friday evening’s show at the Osprey was a delight. They Came From Away is a one-man play written and performed by Trevor McKinven. The main character, a Newfoundlander named Johnny “Fever” McDermott, introduces three “come from awayers” who … Continue reading

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Amistad & New Panoramas

A lot of excitement spread throughout our fair town of Shelburne, NS during the recent filming of The Book of Negroes. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. The book was great and I may try to read … Continue reading

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Week 45 & 44

Last week went by so fast that I missed it. Why is it that the weeks go by faster than the days? Must be old age catching up. This is Week 45 & 44. I’m sure this will not be … Continue reading

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