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Memories of a Tall Ship Weekend

The past weekend with the Tall Ships was a huge success for our little town. This series of photos recaps some of the activities, for kids, for the whole family, for pirates and even pirate lovers. Enjoy!  

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Tall Ships and a Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day for Tall Ships that lined the perimeter of the Shelburne wharf.  

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Late afternoon brought the arrival of the first Tall Ship, Pride of Baltimore II, to Shelburne Harbour. Local craft of all sizes headed out to greet her. She’s a beautiful ship! A later arrival was the Lynx which sailed into … Continue reading

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Face Painting, Fairies and Founder’s Days

Some activities during the Shelburne Founder’s Days: This beautiful lady joined in the fun donning some wearable art. She is seen here both during and after the face painting process.                   As … Continue reading

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Tall Ships are Coming to Shelburne

I was lucky enough to be in Halifax last evening to see the Tall Ships that lined the waterfront. These ships are huge, majestic and beautiful…and they’ll be coming to Shelburne next weekend! Many people were strolling the city’s waterfront … Continue reading

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Pirates are Coming to Shelburne

Here are just a few of the pirates that will be seen in Shelburne this month. These two (Alex Buchanan and Pat Melanson) will be playing and singing some sing-a-long sea shanties at The Sea Dog on July 27. So, … Continue reading

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